Writing Services
It's a hot, flat, crowded world. And how we write and present our communication material makes all the difference between getting us noticed or dismissed.

To assist organizations with all their communications material and content Brightlite offers content and writing services, for mass audiences, across a range of subjects : economy and business policy issues, foreign affairs, health and technology.

Currently working on two 60 page information books on sanitation and drinking water with UNICEF India.

With a strong content background having worked as a reporter with the top media houses in the country, Brightlite's, content in charge, draws on extensive reporting experience with CNBC India, India Business Report, BBC World Service, Business AM, Worldview India and Across Seven Seas on Doordarshan and It's a Small World on Star Plus.

Extensive media advocacy for the social sector has helped to provide with an intensive subject matter expertise on developmental issues

The writing services we offer are :

- Corporate Writing Services

  › Conceptualizing and writing company brochures, newsletters and leaflets.
  › Writing Annual Reports.
  › Writing training manuals.
  › In house newsletters.
  › Policy and sector impact papers.
  › Writing and editing Web content, including organisation blogs.
  › Preparing a Media kit: press releases, background papers and company and spokespersons profiles.

- Developmental Sector Writing Services

  › Developing and writing IEC material
      › Information booklets
      › Flash cards
      › Flip charts
      › Leaflets
      › Brochures
      › Posters
  › Developing and writing compendiums and booklets.
  › Capturing and writing project reports.
  › Sector Impact papers.
  › Editing and Writing Web Content, including content using social media tools like facebook, blogs and     twitter.
  › Preparing a Media kit: press releases, background papers and company and spokespersons profiles.
Paarul Chand (Brightlite) was a pleasure to work with. Paarul led two three-day media trainings for TB advocates - many of whom had negative experiences with the media in the past. Over the three days of training, Paarul taught the advocates how to build effective, working relationships with the media. In addition, through relationships that Paarul had with leading media outlets, advocates had the opportunity to interact with top level journalists. Through interactive lectures, role play exercises, and real world interactions, Paarul successfully changed the participants' attitudes as they related to media. I definitely look forward to working with Paarul and Brightlite again in the future.quotemark

Blair Hinderliter
Director Communications
Results Educational Fund
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