Media Training
Brightlite Communications media training workshops are organized with special focus on helping the organisation and the media understand each other's requirements. The media needs newsworthy stories based on strong editorial and organisations need to develop the skills to identify credible news within their organisation and to convey it in a media friendly manner. Any communication is a result of a ' managed ' exchange of ideas between people. The more understanding and knowledge there is about each other, the better the communication and relationship.

Interacting with the media is exactly like that. Managing communication effectively and making them a partner.

Brightlite has recently conducted media training for 15 organisations active in the field of Tuberculosis control for RESULTS - the power to end poverty and the Eli Lilly MDR TB Partnership. The aim was to create a band of TB Champions who are empowered to take their stories to the media.

Media Training

Sample Modules

Media Training for NGOs
- Basic Workshop
- Advanced Skill Building Workshops

Media Training for Corporate Firms
- Basic Workshop
- Advanced Skill Building Workshops

Media Training for NGOs

  › Basic Workshop
    › Session one: Introduction & Identifying Media forms (Print, Electronic, Web etc)
    › Session two: Importance of Media (Why involve the Media)
    › Session three: Future Trends- Social issues in Media.
    › Session four: Creating Media Awareness
    › Session five: Present Media Perception about NGOs & Social sector
    › Session six: The importance of Media training with basic tips

  › Advanced Skill Building Workshops
    › Session one: Introduction - Identifying Media forms
    › Session two: Identifying Media representatives in your project area
    › Session three: Interaction with Media (Dos & Don'ts) with visit to TV station and interaction with print       journalists.
    › Session four: Identifying ' news ' and art of response
    › Session five: Spokesperson Training, with specific emphasis on television interviews and platforms.
    › Session six: Writing press releases & preparing background material
    › Session seven: How to conduct a press conference

Media Training for Corporate Firms

  › Basic Workshop
    › Session one: Role of Media (Corporate World & Society)
    › Session two: Building Brand Image
    › Session three: Media Aims (Specific to each company) & creating Media awareness
    › Session four: Types of Media & Media Management
    › Session five: Handling an interview, Tips & Dos and Don'ts (mock interview)

  › Advanced Skill Building Workshops
    › Session one: Introduction to Media forms and Media management
    › Session two: Training of Spokesperson for Print & Electronic media
    › Session three: Coping with Electronic Media boom: Art of bytes- When, where & how
    › Session four: Coping with Electronic Media: In the studio & under the arc lights
    › Session five: Writing & distributing releases for electronic & print media (optional)

( Note: this is a sample & general module, whereas each workshop module is finalized after elaborate discussions on the requirements, expectations & nature of issues of the NGO or Company )
Paarul Chand (Brightlite) was a pleasure to work with. Paarul led two three-day media trainings for TB advocates - many of whom had negative experiences with the media in the past. Over the three days of training, Paarul taught the advocates how to build effective, working relationships with the media. In addition, through relationships that Paarul had with leading media outlets, advocates had the opportunity to interact with top level journalists. Through interactive lectures, role play exercises, and real world interactions, Paarul successfully changed the participants' attitudes as they related to media. I definitely look forward to working with Paarul and Brightlite again in the future.quotemark

Blair Hinderliter
Director Communications
Results Educational Fund