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Focused Public Relations Strategies

Planning and Implementing media strategies for the social sector keeping in mind their special requirements. We target mainstream publicity across newspapers, television channels and websites. Brightlite identifies and suggests the best public relations plan for the organization after studying the issues at hand and then takes responsibility for identifying the news/story angles sending out the invitations to the media, writing press releases, conducting distribution of the press releases and monitoring of the publicity. The TV Channels and Newspapers/magazines/ web media on our distribution list are a mix of International, National and Regional media. Brightlite has built up a reputation for credibility and as a source of reliable information with a large network of print and electronic media journalists from both top media organizations in India and the international press.

Press Conferences

As part of the public relations strategy, wherever required Brightlite plans and conducts press conferences, which includes sending media invitations, press releases for the conference and follow ups with the reporters.

Media Training

We conduct media training for both the social (see sample module) and corporate sector (See sample module) keeping in their mind their unique requirements. This would involve training to face the media especially television.

Advanced Skill Building Workshops

These media training workshops are advanced workshops which provide extensive training for the social sector as well as the corporate sector (see sample module)

Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is done through news clipping agencies for newspapers, web and television, where we make the value addition of detailed analysis of news coverage.

Paarul Chand (Brightlite) was a pleasure to work with. Paarul led two three-day media trainings for TB advocates - many of whom had negative experiences with the media in the past. Over the three days of training, Paarul taught the advocates how to build effective, working relationships with the media. In addition, through relationships that Paarul had with leading media outlets, advocates had the opportunity to interact with top level journalists. Through interactive lectures, role play exercises, and real world interactions, Paarul successfully changed the participants' attitudes as they related to media. I definitely look forward to working with Paarul and Brightlite again in the future.quotemark

Blair Hinderliter
Director Communications
Results Educational Fund
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