Media Relations for the Social Sector
Our approach is ethical media engagement which is based on a sound foundation of credible editorial content placed in the context of newsworthiness. Brightlite has been playing the role of bridging the gap between the media and the social sector since the past 9 years. It is the only communications organization in the country with wide-ranging knowledge about public health with special focus on TB and HIV/AIDS, developmental and global political and economic issues and has formulated strategies to engage the mainstream media effectively on these.

Brightlite has brought to the media the stories of ordinary people, many plagued by ignorance and illiteracy, surviving on the fringes of modern developed society. Troubled by disease and poverty, they however, have a fire within to get a better life for themselves.

In the chaos of stories in national media, who is going to give their story a patient hearing?

It is the endeavour of Brightlite Communications to bring these important stories about India and her development needs & process to the mainstream media. Our aim is to get public health and social issues top of the mind recall by creating space for them in the mainstream media.

We aim at building links between media and agencies that spearhead socio-development change: we aim to sensitize the media to their issues and make the development organizations aware of the working of the media and why it is imperative to make media a partner in progress.

The founder of Brightlite Communications has a long association with the Indian Media having worked as journalist for over a decade.

Brightlite has planned and implemented media strategies for several organizations. The organizations include:

  • The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB & Malaria(GFATM)
  • Foresight India, a project of the Alfred Herrhausen Society, the international forum for Deutche Bank & Policy Network London
  • Global Health Advocates, Geneva
  • ACTION to Control TB Internationally
  • World Vision India
  • Massive Effort Campaign
  • WHO
  • Economist Jeffrey Sachs & The Commission on Macroeconomics and Health
  • European Commission
  • Action for Food Production-AFPRO
  • The Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR)
  • Church of North India.
Paarul Chand and Bright Lite Communications led the publication relations and communications work for the Foresight India symposium, which took place in New Delhi on 25-26 March 2010.Within a very limited time-period, she acquainted herself with a wide range of issues including trade and terrorism, as well as food, water and energy security. She prepared in-depth press backgrounders that exhibited a remarkable ability to research a wide variety of information and present key issues in a clear and simple manner. She wrote a number of press-releases, which were succinct and clear, capturing the essence of the message and emphasising newsworthy elements of the story. These press releases were picked up with extensive coverage. Ms. Chand helped place articles from Foresight publications in a variety of top-newspapers, including The Times of India, and others.quotemark

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