Brightlite Communications, set up by television journalist and producer Paarul R. Chand, specialises in media relations for the social sector, media training for the corporate & social sector; audio visual content (corporate films, documentaries, conference recordings) and written content (brochures, press releases, information newsletters, research reports, flyers). Paarul R. Chand set up Brightlite Communications in 2001 after working on news shows on channels like CNBC India ( Network 18) ,India Business Report on BBC World Service Television and ABNi-Dow Jones from 1993-2001. A post graduate in journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communications, she brings to the table very strong editorial knowledge, content creation and communication skills with an extensive network within the mainstream media.

Some of Brightlite's clients include the Foresight Project initiated by the Alfred Herrhausen Society( the International Forum for Deutche Bank) and Policy Network ( headed by Peter Mandelson); European Commission, UNICEF, World Vision India, Global Fund for Aids, TB and Malaria, Global Health Advocates, ACTION -Advocacy to Control TB Advocacy Internationally National Alliance of Women( funded by Ford Foundation and UNIFEM), Oracle India, BMR Advisors, Eli Lilly MDR -TB Partnership, SAP, Results ( the power to end poverty) and WHO.
Paarul Chand is a journalist of repute. I have had the privilege of attending a training workshop done by her. She is an attentive listener and that is truly a virtue especially in today's age of competitiveness. It shows in the way she perceives and puts forth issues. I wish her the very best with all her endeavours.quotemark

Dr. Nirmala Skill
Project Manager
Freedom Foundation / HAART Centre
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